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The creative video production company based in Las Vegas, NV
that endeavors to craft high-end television, commercial, corporate, digital and branded content.


Let’s introduce ourselves
We are the entertainment factory that will get things moving


We are a family of creators crafting video goods in our workshop in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Our video production factory endeavors to manufacture high-end television, commercial, corporate, digital, advertising and branded content.
We provide concept development, storyboards, casting, locations, video crews and production management.

We can help you succeed whether you need to create a TV show, film a music video, promote your image, launch a new product or communicate your vision.
We consider ourselves an entertainment factory of a new generation: open, uncomplicated, focused on the client and digital-ready.
We make beautiful and meaningful videos because we are committed creating custom content for every client.

We are a team of creative and art directors and we derive inspiration from our diverse experiences in the television industry
to create projects that resonate with audiences emotionally and intellectually.

We believe great ideas are a decisive advantage to keep our clients one step ahead of their competitors.
When it comes to our clients’ ambitions, we believe we can accomplish anything. We get things moving.


Let’s tell the stories that matter
We are carefully making our video products in our workshop in Las Vegas, Nevada

Made in Productions helps businesses grow with high quality video productions.
We are specialized in creating engaging videos that deliver the message in a strong way.

We create powerful brand and viewers experiences across a variety of platforms.
We distinguish between good and great. And it shows in everything we do.


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We believe our productions are effective because of the thoughtfulness of the people behind them


Family of creators

Made in Productions was established in 2015 by Marc de Suzzoni with Pierre-Arnaud Lagache.
The partners previously worked as creative and art directors, and they decided – after more than 10 years of working in the television and marketing sectors – to turn their own concept of a video production company into a reality: with a new work method,
high quality standards inspired by the TV industry, straightforward processes and respectful client relations.

Made in Productions began with the spirit to create.
Because we are smaller than the big shops, we’re a workshop always striving to do better.

Many disciplines, many cultures
We are open to new inspiration. We come from France, the USA… to bring our clients the best the world has to offer.


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We are always pleased to have new contacts and are looking forward to hearing from you.